«New» app for iPad

The autumn of 2017 we launched the new Yr-app for iOS-users. For iPad-users a newer version is now available, which means some changes for the user. You can read more about it here.

Today's iPad-version is quite similar to our website, with elements like probability forecast and meteogram. Our new version is much more similar to the mobile-app.

1) New menu


The menu on the previous version had a Sky view (weather visualization), Hour by hour, Graph, Area and Map. In the new version you'll find Hour by hour and Longterm together under Table. 

2) New table

The new table view is the same as in mobile app, with weather symbols, temperature, precipitation and wind direction/strength. You can see hourly forecast for the first three days by clicking on the Hour by hour-button on the bottom of the day you wish to see the forecast for. 

The meteogram and probability forecast is not a featured item in the new iPad-version. We are constantly working on improving the app, and probability forecast is one of the things we are looking into for later versions. The old services are still available on our websites, yr.no (desktop-version only).


3) Like before

Map and areapage are the same as in the old version.

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