Yr is launching a new mobile website

We are now renewing our mobile website. A brand new service is ready to show you the weather in a new way. The old mobile website was designed before smart phones became common. With the new design, we have emphasized on utilizing the benefits of the touch screens.

The current changes for Yr affects only the mobile website. Yr on PC and mobile apps remains unchanged.


Benefits of the new mobile website

The new website utilizes the touch screen on today's modern mobile phones.

We have designed a new flow of interaction in which we benefit from the touch screen and swipe function for a more seamless transition between detailed daily view and long-term forecast.

What is new?

New seamless transition between the short-term and long-term forecast. For the long-term forecast, you scroll vertically. If you would like to see the detailed forecast, click on a day and swipe horizontally.

Improvements to search: Did you know that you can search for more than 10 million worldwide locations on Yr? The location database has been updated, and in addition we have added a "Nearby"-button. Using this button, you can quickly find the weather for your location, in case you do not want to type the name or don't know the nearest location name where you are. Click on the search area, and the button will be displayed.

Summary of the day: In the overview, we are now summarizing the most important information for the day: Maximum and minimum temperature, total precipitation and maximum wind strength.

Weather graph: A new feature on our website is the weather graph, displaying the forecasted weather situation over 10 days. For now, you will see weather symbols, precipitation, wind strength and direction. This graph is showing the next 9 day, and by clicking on a day, the graph will expand to display the details.

Probability of precipitation:  As you may have experienced, the weather forecast does not always describe what actually happens, but is a prognosis for the expected weather. And because many understand the forecasts solely based on the weather symbols, it can be difficult to communicate the uncertainty: Sometimes we display a weather symbol without precipitation, but there might still be a small chance of some rain. This is why we are now displaying the probability of precipitation.

Redesign of the precipitation map: Some users tell us their main reason for using our mobile website is the precipitation map (radar).  This map shows you how clouds and showers are moving and give you updated information about precipitation in the region – more information than what we can show using the weather symbols.

The new precipitation map has been designed with a blue-scale color map to consider color blindness (as the previous color map included red and green). The precipitation map is available for the Nordic region.


Improved readability: In addition to larger clickable areas, we have focused on improved readability with larger fonts and more space.

New graphical design: The new website includes our new Yr logo and new weather symbols. The same symbols are used by the TV weather forecasts at NRK.

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