Questions regarding location names

Yr provides weather forecasts for more than 10 million locations worldwide. See below how you can contribute with keeping these correct and even add more locations.


Worldwide location names

Yr is using the geographical database GeoNames for geographical names and locations. 

Are you missing a location name or believe it is misspelled on Yr? For most locations, you can correct this yourself by contributing to the geographical database GeoNames. See more information at


Norwegian location names

Norwegian location names are retrieved from Sentral stedsnavnregister (SSR) from Statens kartverk. The names are defined by the local authorities.  If you have comments or corrections for Norwegian location names, you can contact Statens kartverk at or the council of the location. 


How often do we update location names on Yr?

When a location name has been updated in GeoNames or SSR, it will normally be updated within 1-2 months on the new mobile web page ( For our desktop website and mobile apps, updates happen less regularly.

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