New app: What is it?

With around three million unique users every week, Yr has long confirmed its position as one of the most popular weather services in the world (fifth most popular, to be accurate). An even though the seven-year-old app is popular, the time for something new had definitely come.

Strong competition in the app-world and an outdated user experience was some of the main reasons.

But no need to worry! Have a look:


Yes, both please

Working on the new app for at least one year a lot of sketches and versions ended up on the table. After feedbacks, interviews, tests and multiple discussions we ended up with a naturalistic and detail-oriented visualization of the weather forecast. Weather is visual. So why only read forecasts when you can see how it will look on the sky out the window?


The concept involves the user scrolling hourly through a sky while seeing the animated weather changes. Pictures and animations are based on the same forecast presented in table.

The sky are designed to look excatly like the weather picture on the (real) sky. The more precipitation is forecasted the more rain or snow will appear on the sky (either peaceful falling to the ground or rushing through the air, depending on wind strength). 

No doubt the visualisation is beautiful with a big «wow»-effect. But what about those who prefer to see the weather the «old fashioned»-way – with symbols in a table? In reply we’re saying: Yes, both please. Quick overview is important to many of our users. So we kept the long term forecast in table and graph in the new version, in addition to the new visualization.


Do I need an umbrella?

What users are looking for when they’re using Yr varies. You got the farmer who’s looking for dewpoint. The fisherman who wants wavehight and wind-information. But what most people are questioning them selfes when they open a weather service in the morning is: What should I wear today? Or: Do I need an umbrella?

Need for efficiency resulted in a short text that sums up the weather for the day, said in a way you would have told a good friend or relative. The text appers in the first window when you open the app.

The weather summary in it self is not suppose to replace the meteorlogist text forecast (not in the new version). We are constantly developing new products that will give our users the same information, and perhaps more, when it comes to communicating forecasts for bigger areas.  


We’re here to help

We hope you like the new user experience and that the app helps you preparing for all kinds of weather. You can download the app in App Store or Google Play. As a new user there may be some questions. Have a look at our Q&A here. If you cannot find what you’re looking for feel free to contact us.

Good luck!

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