What does «high winds» and «dangerous wind» mean?

The text that sums up the weather in the app's frontpage is based on the first six hours-periods in the forecast.

Here are the limits for the different wind expressions:

Wind speed unit (in meters per second)


0 - 7.9 m/s 

(no text)

7.9m/s – 10.8 m/s  (Fresh breeze)


10.8 m/s – 17.2m/s (Strong breeze to Near gale)

«high winds»

Over 17.2 m/s (Gale and up to Hurricane)

«dangerous wind»

In strong breeze using an umbrealla becomes difficult. In near gale you see whole trees in motion and it is hard to walk against the wind. Sea heaps up.

Wind speeds from gale and up is formulated as «dangerous wind» because of the risk of being hit by loosen objects outdoors and high waves at sea. 


We are also testing area winds in the texts so the users kan get valuable information on winds around the selected place. Area wind is maximum wind within a radius of 10 kilometers.


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